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Bournemouth University, United Kingdom - Dr. Dimitrios Buhalis and Dr. Barbara Neuhofer - January 2012

Download the Interne Marketing review in PDF format here.


Vogue Limited - Managing Director/Owner - Aly Brown  - 29th August 2012

"This report seemed to me to be miles ahead of most publications making it a very powerful marketing tool. As we had most of our guest come from the U.K and the U.S, "how they will travel" in the future was most important to me. Their trends were definately well researched and were therefore accurate. It certainly helped me define my target market and gear marketing efforts towards that. Again, an invaluable tool."


LIAT Airlines - Chairman - Honourable Jean Holder - 16th January 2011

"Tourism is credited with being the world’s largest and fastest growing industry, representing the largest voluntary transfer of resources from the rich to the poor in history. In the Caribbean and many other parts of the world, reality has overtaken all the various arguments about its fickleness and it is recognized as a major driver of the economy in both developed and developing countries. Given its linkages, when tourism does badly, many other sectors are in decline.

There however remain serious issues about its socio-cultural and environmental impacts and its sustainability requires that decision making be based on strategic planning approaches underpinned by hard research and statistics.

It is for this reason that the entry of Tourism Intelligence International into the field of tourism research and planning has been a welcome addition to the armoury of those wishing to reinvent either their tourism business or their tourism sector and bring it into the 21st century. There is little doubt, therefore, that in its ten years of existence a great deal has been accomplished.

The Caribbean is proud that the team takes it leadership from within this region in the person of the highly qualified Dr. Auliana Poon who combines a large degree of enthusiasm with a keen mind and a passion for innovation. She has fashioned the group into a sophisticated combination of skilled personnel drawn from around the world who have delivered excellent tourism services in diverse countries situated on almost every continent.

As the former Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Research and Development Centre, the former Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organization and the current Chairman of LIAT, the Caribbean Airline, I am pleased, as a satisfied and informed user, to add my voice to the chorus of those who write in appreciation of the services of Tourism Intelligence International and to wish it every success in the future

The Hon. Jean S Holder, MVO, CBH, CHB, LLD (UWI, Honoris Causa).

16th January 2011"


Airtours, United Kingdom - 2005

"How the British Will Travel 2005 is an excellent summary of the majority of issues affecting the travel industry in Britain today. It has jus the right level of information on a variety of topics including emerging holiday types and destinations, the Britih Traveller, and the key industry player - all important to a company like Airtours. We found it particulary fascinating to see how the British holidaymaker compares to other travellers throughout Europe and have recommended the sister report How the Germans Will Travel 2005 to our sister company in Germany.

Well done, Tourism Intelligence!"


Travel Trade Gazette - ITB Daily - 2005

"The research -carried out by internationally renowned tourism analyst Dr Auliana Poon - points to a profound and fundamental shift in tourism trands among Germans, which are of world-wide importance."


Travel Impact Newswire, Thailand - 2005

A superb new research report on the colossal German outbound travel market puts all the bits and pieces together in one comprehensive study. Now, finally a new report entitled How Germans Will Travel 2005 coollates uch of this information from several valuable sources to porvide a one-stop source of essential inforamtion to better understand and target the German outbound market. Produced by Tourism Intelligence International, a well-respected tourism and research and consultancy company"


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