WTM Presentation 2009
Events - WTM Presentation 2009

Tourism Intelligence International will be presenting at the World Travel Market 2009 on the topic entitled, "Travel and Tourism's Top 10 Emerging Markets". The session will take place on Wednesday 11 November, 2009 from 15.30 to 16.30 on the North Gallery Room 4/5.

The session will review the factors that drove travel industry growth of traditional markets (Europe, USA and Japan) and examine the extent to which the same factors are at play in the emerging markets (such as economic prosperity, paid holidays and the search for sun, sea and sand) and other contributing factors. The differences between the maturing (Britain, Germany) and the Top Ten Emerging Markets will be highlighted and the future prospects and market peculiarities investigated.

From ‘wowing' them with technology, to capturing shopping spend and catering to special cultural needs, Tourism Intelligence International will tell you everything you need to do to understand and woo these emerging travel markets.

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