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TourismIntelligence International once again invites you to our panel presentation"From Sun, Sand and Sea to Culture and Content – How to Attract theCreative Class of Travellers” at ITB Berlin. This presentation will be part ofthe panel discussion “Can a Vacation Close to Home still be an ExoticExperience?” held on Wednesday, 10th March 2010 from 15:00 to 16:00 hrs at Hall7.1a Auditorium New York. Admission is free.

The presentationwill show that the “Creative Class” of travellers do not want to merely takephotos and sit on the sidelines. They want to experience the culture of a place they visit; they what toknow about the content or “goodness” of a product before they buy it; they wantto be active participants.

Drawing on ourlatest publication, “How Americans Will Travel 2015”, Tourism IntelligenceInternational demonstrates the growing importance of culture for Americantravellers. More than half (51%)of the 40 million Americans travelling abroad visit historical places; almostone-third (32%) visit cultural heritage sites; and one-quarter (25%) visit anart gallery or museum, according to the Office of Travel and TourismIndustries. Americans’ interest inculture is definitely on the increase. And not just for the big-ticket mega events. North Americans are, infact, keenly interested in small local events such as the Tomato Festival inBuñol, Spain; musicals and theatre in London, England; museums and monuments inBerlin, Germany; circus and wrestling in Turkey; Fish Fry in the Caribbean; bistros;sidewalk cafes; street fairs; etc. Definitely on the increase is demand for cultural events at localcommunities in which visitors participate and blend in with locals (rather thanevents put on just for the visitors and where they are in the majority and areonlookers rather than participants).

They enjoy‘Street Level Culture’, considered as a fascinating blend of cafes, bars, rumshops, sidewalk musicians, and small galleries and bistros, where it is hard todraw the line between participant and observer, or between creativity and itscreators. Members of the CreativeClass enjoy unique experiences and they would prefer to be a participant ratherthan a spectator. They wantactivities that manage to appeal to their sense of status and self-improvementat the same time.

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Ifthere is one report that you should read this year to enable you to win in thismarket, it is “How the Americans Will Travel 2015”. Find out why Central America is expected to be a superperformer; why the Caribbean is predicted to lose share; why Europe willcontinue to do well. This 390-pagereport – published by Tourism Intelligence International – highlights thelatest trends, data and essential information to fully understand the Americanmarket over the next five years. The report, priced at €1,299 is presented in aclear and concise format supported by over 200 tables and graphs. The ExecutiveBrief is available at €499 and individual chapters are priced at €199 each.

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At ITB, Berlinfrom 10 – 15th March 2010, you can also contact us at the Trinidad and Tobago booth Hall 3.1, booth 104.



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