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Old but not Out- How to Win and Woo the Over 50s Market – WTM 2010 Invitation


Featuredpresentation at the World Travel market on Thursday 11th at 11:00 amin the North Gallery Rooms 6 & 7.


Do you thinkthat the world’s largest market is China? Think again. In theirexciting, insightful, well-researched and easy-to-read publication entitled, ‘Old but not Out – How to Win and Woo theOver 50s Market,’ Tourism IntelligenceInternational shows just how important the lucrative 50+ market is. In terms of sheer numbers alone, the50+ market exceeds the Chinese market.


This truly timely report presents veryexciting material on the comparisons of the Hippies, Yuppies, Bobos, Swofties,DINKS and Empty Nesters. Tourism Intelligence International onceagain has the travel and tourism decision-makers in mind. Its report offers useful data to help marketersbetter understand the 50+ market. Awell-respected travel and tourism consultancy and research company with almosttwo decades of international experience, TourismIntelligence International, has also created a set of practical andeasy-to-follow strategies needed to win, woo and wow the experienced,demanding, sophisticated and young-at-heart consumer above age 50.


It is a well-known fact that one of the key consumer trendsthat will not escape the travel and tourism industryis the ageing population phenomenon. This means that travellers will be olderand, although healthier and fitter, will require special attention by travelsuppliers to woo, win and keep them happy. The tourism industry, more than almost any other industry,is linked to its social and natural contexts. The advancing ageing of society will result in far-reachingchanges, particularly on the demand side. There is a continuing rapid increase in the number of outboundtravellers aged 50 years old and over.


Whatdoes this population-aging phenomenon mean for the travel and tourismindustry? Travel and tourismsuppliers will need to respond creatively to the needs of this market andprovide the exact services required to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. It also means that the aged populationthat is more mature, experienced, sophisticated and demanding, will have agreater awareness of how their activities will impact on others. They are more aware, active,technology-savvy and environmentally conscious and are also more adventurous(soft, medium and hard) and willing to learn and experience new things unliketheir predecessors.


If you areinterested in knowing more about this very important market then be sure tovisit us in London at the 2010 WTM session on Thursday 11that 11:00 am in the North Gallery Rooms 6 & 7.


Oldbut not Out - How to Win and Woo the Over 50s Marketis a must-read for those companies and countries interested intargeting these important and growing Over 50s market.


Oldbut not Out - How to Win and Woo the Over 50s Marketis available only from Tourism Intelligence International at €499per copy.


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