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Pro-Planet and Pro-People Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy for St. Kitts 

Tourism Intelligence International (TII) has done it again! TII recently completed work in the small but awakening tourism giant of St. Kitts and represents a model for sustainable tourism development that could become an industry best practice. Under the guidance of Managing Director Dr. Auliana Poon, and with funding provided by the European Union, Tourism Intelligence International has crafted what it calls the Pro-People, Pro-Planet Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development in St. Kitts. 

The strategy is dubbed Pro-People, Pro-planet because with a population of a mere 50,000 people every individual has a critical role to play in building the industry that represents the pulse of the nation. Similarly, St. Kitts boasts sensitive eco-systems like world famous dive sites, rainforests and natural salt ponds, all of which could be ruined, if development is not properly managed. Thus, if its people are not encouraged to take ownership of the island’s tourism product while simultaneously protecting their natural environment, St. Kitts may never realize its true potential.

The Strategy is also Pro-People because while the majority of all visitors to St. Kitts claim that friendly people is a key reason for visiting the Federation. St. Kitts, like the rest of the Caribbean, cannot compete on Sun, Sand, Sea and Smiles alone. It is the knowledgeable, capable, confident, caring and creative people that will generate the true competitive success of the industry.  Being Pro-People also involves partnerships, and participation with local communities, for which a model has been develop

At a National Consultation on the Tourism Development Strategy organized by TII on March 25, 2013, Minister of Tourism, Hon. Ricky Skerritt informed stakeholders that the research conducted by Dr. Poon involved suggestions on how to enhance the tourism product of the island and grow tourism, and addressed issues such as human resource development, the environment and local culture.

For more than 20 years, Tourism Intelligence International has been providing consultancy services to both government and private sector organisations around the world. So whether its rebranding a mega destination like Abu Dhabi in the Middle East, crafting the Tourism Begins at Home strategy to turnaround tourism in The Bahamas, or developing the Responsible Tourism Strategy for South Africa, TII has the knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver. 

Tourism Intelligence International enjoys a worldwide reputation for the quality of research, analysis, advice and strategic planning in the field of international travel and tourism. TII insist that good intelligence must lead to practical advice, clever competitive strategies, and innovative solutions to well-defined problems and guidelines to put them in place.  

More than just providing advice, TII also offers practical and innovative solutions to the travel and hospitality sector.  In 1998, TII developed a high-end, villa property in Tobago - Villa Being, offering guests a slice of heaven and an opportunity to become one with nature.  Through this villa, TII is demonstrating what it means to be truly sustainable.  And in 2008, through its sister company, Being Sustainable, TII launched a line of sustainable outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic milk bottles.  This outdoor furniture looks and feels like wood but it is not.  Even more interesting, this elegant and environmentally line of sustainable furniture is durable and significantly reduces maintenance cost.  TII does not just talk the talk but also walks the walk. TII is truly consultancy with a conscience!


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