ITB Berlin 2014 - Integration: New Frontier of Marketing
Events - ITB Berlin 2014 - Integration: New Frontier of Marketing

ITB Berlin 2014Thursday 6th March, 2014 - Hall 4.1b, 13:00-13:30 - Integration: The New Frontier of Digital Marketing Success


Marketing today is no longer what it used to be. Now is gone!  Keeping up-to-date with changes in consumer demand and using technology to understand, anticipate, reach and satisfy customers is key!  The Internet is one of the most powerful tools that offers a vast array of marketing advantages and unmatched opportunities to reach more consumers than ever before. IT cannot be ignored, for in today's world if you are not ONLINE, you are not ON SALE!

However, the challenge is no longer whether to have an online presence or not.  The challenge is how to develop the right kind of mix between traditional and digital and even among the various forms of digital marketing.  The Internet is important.  Mobile is a must.  But the new frontier in marketing is integration, which digital destinations to choose?  What mix? How frequently and across which mediums?  Is the integration strategy for traditional markets such as USA or UK the same for emerging markets such as India or China?  This session (Integration: the New Frontier of Digital Marketing Success), will attempt to answer many of these questions and more.  It also draws on the key lessons from Tourism Intelligence International's publication entitled, Everything you Need to Know about Internet Marketing.  


Presented by:

Mr. Kevon Wilson

Senior Analyst

Tourism Intelligence International

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