Internet Marketing Report

Internet Marketing Report

Remember the days of snail mail and telegraphs? Well guess what, those days are gone! The Internet is here and it is changing the way we do business. It has given more power to the consumer. At the same time, it has created a wealth of opportunities that businesses can take advantage of. So much so, that in today’s world, if you are NOT ONLINE you are NOT ON SALE!!!


Tourism Intelligence International has created a complete guide for business executives to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that the Internet has to offer. Purchasing this report is very important.


Consider that:

• There are almost 2 billion Internet users in the world and they are growing at a rapid pace (an average annual growth rate of18% between 2000 and 2010);

• The Internet has a 77 percent penetration rate in the most advanced market in the world – North America;

• Emerging markets (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are all on the top ten list in terms of the sheer number of Internet users;

• The Internet provides businesses with the opportunity to connect with customers from all over the globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; and

• There’s lots of money to be made online – Amazon pulled in over US$34 billion in sales in 2010 and Google generated US$29 billion.


Sounds mind-boggling? Don’t worry. Tourism Intelligence International's thorough, refreshing, easy-to-read and down-to-earth report called “Everything You Need to Know About Internet Marketing” presents clear insights on how companies and governments can harness the enormous power the Internet.


“Everything You Need to Know About Internet Marketing” is written with the layman in mind. Yet it is full of rich and useful content that can help you to build your Internet Marketing strategy from scratch. From social media marketing to pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns, this report provides you with Everything You Need to Know About Internet Marketing – key tools that will allow you to increase your competitiveness and drive the growth of your business. It is timely and essential. It is a MUST read!


This 300-page report with more than 100 pictures, figures and charts is only available from Tourism Intelligence International at a cost of EURO 999.00. The Executive Brief costs EURO 499.00.

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