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Tourism Intelligence International offers a wide range of market intelligence and global trends publications.  These products are strategically priced to suit any budget.
Option 1 - Full Publications
Our full reports (hard copy / single user electronic copy) are priced between EURO 999 and 1999.  See price list below for the full reports:

Big Data - Delivering the Big Picture to Drive Competitiveness - EUR 999.00

Cities on the Rise - Competitive Strategies for City Tourism - EUR 999.00

How the British Will Travel 2015 - EUR 1,299.00

The Paradigm Shift in Travel and Tourism - EUR 1,999.00

How the Germans Will Travel 2015 - EUR 1,299.00

How the Americans Will Travel 2015 - EUR 1,299.00

Old But Not Out - How to Win and Woo the Over 50s Market - EUR 999.00

Everything You Need to Know About Internet Marketing - EUR 999.00

Sustainable Tourism Development - A Practical Guide for Decision-makers  - EUR 1,499.00 (reduced to EUR 999.00)

Travel and Tourism's Top Ten Emerging Markets - EUR 999.00

Successful Tourism Destinations - Lessons from the Leaders - EUR 1,299.00

Successful Hotels and Resorts - Lessons from the Leaders - EUR 1,299.00


Option 2 - Executive Briefs

Many of our reports come with a very detailed Executive Brief (50-80 pages) which summarises the key findings of the full report.  It is concise and easy to follow.  The Executive Brief  is a great tool to get a quick guide to all of the important points related to the subject area.

The Executive Brief (hard copy / single user electronic copy) of each report is priced at EUR 499.00

Have a look at our Catalogue and choose the report(s) of your liking and just select the price option for Executive Brief.


Option 3 - Individual Chapters

Still want something cheaper?  Then don't worry just skim through the Tables of Contents of our reports and if a particular chapter jumps out at you then just let us know and we will deliver the electronic version of the chapter to you at an unbelievable price of EUR 299.00


Option 4 - Pricing for Multi-User Licences / Electronic Copies - Great for Associations


Now associations and similar organisations can access Tourism Intelligence International’s Premium Research and Market Intelligence for as little as US$5.00.


If you are an association or large organisation and you want to make the electronic copy of any report, executive brief or chapter available to your members / associates, then we have a option for you as well.  Just multiply the respective price (full report, executive brief or chapter) by a multip[le of 2.5 to get the multi-user price.  


Here's how it works

1. Encourage your association to purchase our multi-user electronic copies of our market intelligence reports.

2. For example, our report entitled Big Data - Delivering the Big Picture to Drive Competitiveness", costs Euros 999.00 for a single user hard copy.  You can purchase the multi-user electronic copy to share with all your members.  The cost  of the multi-user electronic copy is 2.5 times the hard copy – Euros 2,497.50.  If your association has 100+ members for example, the cost for each member is a mere Euros 24.98 or less.



We are certain that our research reports will be of great value to you.  To make a purchase visit our online Catalogue or contact us directly at:

Tel: +1 868 676 6165

Fax: +1 868 676 6093


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