How the British Will Travel 2015

How the British Will Travel 2015
How the British will Travel 2015 predicts that the British travel market will continue to experience declines to 2015 largely because of the economic recession but more critically because the British travel market is already fully saturated and will not experience any significant growth in the future.
What does this mean for travel and tourism? How the British will Travel 2015 reveals that British travellers “have been there, done that” and are looking for “new and exceptional experiences”. The research by Tourism Intelligence International reveals a mix of tried and tested strategies that will demonstrate to travel and tourism businesses how to put up a great fight!
The UK is one of the most important travel markets in the world. It currently ranks as number four in terms of outbound arrivals (55 million) and tourism expenditure (US$48.6 billion) after losing third spot by China in 2010. However, the British market still remains critical to the lifeblood of international travel and tourism.
How the British will Travel 2015 provides the most up to date research on the lucrative British travel market. It also features unique information from Tourism Intelligence International’s British Tour Operator Survey conducted in the summer of 2011 as well as expert forecasts on how the British will travel over the next few years.



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