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Tourism is a two-edged sword. It can bring prosperity through jobs, foreign investment and foreign exchange. At the same time, it can damage environments, stress societies, and erode culture and values.

For tourism destinations, particularly small islands and developing countries, managing this duality is critical. They need to get it right. And if possible, from the very beginning.

...For more than a decade,
Tourism Intelligence International has been
helping countries to "get it right"...

From Southern Africa, the Caribbean, South Asia, Europe and the Indian Ocean, Tourism Intelligence International has helped governments and fledgling tourism agencies in emerging destinations to develop blueprints for sustainable and responsible tourism, and lay the foundation for viable tourism projects. Indeed sustainable tourism is the driving force behind Tourism Intelligence International's core operations. It is our raison d'etre.

Many emerging destinations are now building tourism industries that are designed to dynamise other sectors of the economy; involve local communities; protect cultures from over-commercialisation; and guard precious natural resources from degradation. How can Tourism Intelligence International help?

  • We provide essential market research, analysis and strategic planning.
  • We identify cost-effective applications of information technology.
  • We find innovative ways for our clients to stay close to customers and empower their employees to pursue service excellence.
  • Above all, we serve as a catalyst, enabling our clients to see their businesses in a new light and to manage them differently in the future.

Reengineering Destinations

Appearing clean, fresh and relevant to the 'New Tourists' is a key challenge facing many established tourism destinations.

It means recognising and responding to the reality of market segmentation. It also means repairing tourism's wear and tear, not only on the environment and infrastructure, but also on the workforce and the destination's very image in the marketplace beause the tourist is for more experienced, maturing, cautious, and demanding. The old mass tourism practices and products will not work.

"...Tourism Intelligence International has an enviable track record in helping established destinations to meet this challenge..."

In the Caribbean and Africa, for example, we have helped several well-known destinations to reposition themselves to attract new niche markets - a process we call "destination re-engineering".

Additionally, we have helped such established destinations to develop and successfully implement innovative measures and programmes designed to energise industry personnel and combat "tourism fatigue".

Tailor-Made Solutions

Tourism Intelligence International delivers tailor-made solutions to every client and to every challenge. At Tourism Intelligence International there are no ready-made remedies that are dished out to clients. To every problem, to every client, unique solutions are found.

Moreover, Tourism Intelligence International works closely with its clients and stakeholders to build the skills and processes in order to find solutions and create 'ownership' of the solutions developed.

From the 'Tourism Begins at Home' programme in the Bahamas to 'Responsible Tourism' in South Africa to a 'Health & Wellness' position for Barbados and 'You Cannot Have your Whale and Eat it' belief for Iceland, Tourism Intelligence International brings truly creative and innovative solutions to its clients.

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