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In the past 2 decades, the Global Travel and Tourism Industry has been severely challenged by War (Gulf War of 1991), terrorism (9/11, 2001), disease (Bird Flu, 2005, Swine Flu and H1 N1, 2009), economic recession (2008-2010), slow growth, lack of confidence and growing uncertainty in the main tourism-generating economies. The Caribbean, and Antigua and Barbuda in particular, were not spared from the consequences of these disruptions – fall in visitor arrivals, reduced length of stay and spending, stalling of new investment projects, foreclosure of hotel properties, increased unemployment, reduction of government revenues and foreign exchange.  As such, Tourism Intelligence International was hired to assist the destination to assess its performance in the various markets and to determine what strategies were needed to bring about growth once more.

The project involved two phases as follows:


1.     Assessment of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Industry using available statistics and research.

2.     Presentation of the assessment results as well as a detailed analysis of global consumer trends

3.     A Strategic Planning Workshop with key Stakeholders

4.     Delivery of an action plan based on the Strategic Session (complete with actions, time frames, budget and responsibilities).



1.     A detailed review and analysis of the performance and competitiveness of Antigua and Barbuda vis a vis other islands, destinations and market segments.

2.     A review of Antigua's performance and competitiveness in the USA, CANADA, the UK, Germany and Italy as well as the Emerging Markets.

3.     A review of Antigua's performance and competitiveness in key market segments – yachting, dive, wedding and honeymoon, etc.

4.     A destination and diagnostics of Antigua and Barbuda through a few selective structured interviews with key stakeholders.









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