City Tourism - WTM London 2013
Events - City Tourism - WTM London 2013

Tourism Intelligence International launches its brand new study entitled, “Cities on the Rise – Competitive Strategies for City Tourism.”  This thoroughly researched easy to read and informative study addresses the growth and development of city tourism.  It demonstrates that city tourism is growing faster and is more resilient than global tourism.  It also explains that city tourism drives the development of the destination's tourism sector as a whole and is a vital force for economic growth.  The new study ranks the top 10 city destinations and examines the DNA of their competitive success.  The key strategies that will drive a city's development and the growth of city tourism destinations are summarised and analysed using many examples drawn from a number of cities around the world – Bangkok, Bilbao, Dubai, London, New York, Paris, etc.  Based on the success of the leading city destinations, core strategies for competitive cities were derived using TOLERANCE as the basis.  These include:

T - Talent and Technology
O - Openness
L - Leading Innovation
E - Events
R - Responsible City tourism
A - Access
N - New Emerging Markets
C- Culture
E- E-marketing


Dr. Auliana Poon, Managing Director of Tourism Intelligence International

Mr. Kevon Wilson, Senior Analyst, Tourism Intelligence International

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